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  • Photomere Chemistry Analyzer
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Photomere Chemistry Analyzer
Our INV-100 Semi-Biochemistry Analyzer can test glucose,sodium ions.potassium ion,liver function test .
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Main market: Pakistan, Canada, Africa
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Semi Automatic chemistry analyzer


Wavelength Range : 340nm~750nm 
Measurement Range : 0.001~3.000Abs 
Precision : ±0.001Abs 
Repeatability : ≤0.005Abs 
Linearity : ≤±1% 
Cross-contamination : ≤1% 
Temperature Accuracy : ±0.1℃ 
Test Temperature : 25℃、30℃、37℃ 
Test Method : end-point, kinetic, two-point , standard
curve and simple/double wavelength exam. 
Colorimetric Pool : Titanium alloy 
Reagent : 400μl~800μl Match all kinds of reagent 
Sample volume : 20~50μl 
Display : Photometric absorbance, density, active unit, and normal parameters

Packing Details:
560*405*280 mm,  0.07CBM, 
NW: 9KG,
GW : 13 KW

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