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  • Drug Combination Test (1-10 parameter)
  • Drug Combination Test (1-10 parameter)
  • Drug Combination Test (1-10 parameter)
  • Drug Combination Test (1-10 parameter)
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Drug Combination Test (1-10 parameter)
Urine multi drug test kit is used in urine specimen, very easy to be used at home,
Both CE mark and FDA certificate is available
Main market: U.S, Europe, South America, Africa, middle east, Asia
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Medical diagnostic test kits Urine multi drug test kit

There are almost 20 different parameters for drug test kit, just like AMP(Amphetamine)/BAR(Barbiturates)/BZO(Benzodiazepines)/COC(Cocaine)/MTD(Methadone)/MDMA(Ecstasy)/MAMP(Met,Methamphetamine)/MOR(MOP,Morphine,heroine)/PCP(Phencyclidine)/THC(Marijuana/cannabis)/TCA/OXY(Oxycodone)/ KET(Ketamine)/BUP(Buprenorphine)/ K2(spice), etc

Any parameters combination as multi drug test panel is available

Different parameters for different cut off value
Packaging: 25 tests/box or 20 panel/box
Width: 4.0mm or 5.0mm
Specimen: urine
Brand: INV
Place of origin: China
Certificate: CE, ISO 13485, FDA
OEM packaging is available

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