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  • Single drug test panel
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Single drug test panel
Urine single drug test dip panel is used in urine specimen, very easy to be used at home,
Both CE mark and FDA certificate is available
Main market: U.S, Europe, South America, Africa, middle east, Asia
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Medical diagnostic test kits Urine drug test dip panel

Almost 20 different parameters is available, just like AMP(Amphetamine)/BAR(Barbiturates)/BZO(Benzodiazepines)/COC(Cocaine)/MTD(Methadone)/MDMA(Ecstasy)/MAMP(Met,Methamphetamine)/MOR(MOP,Morphine,heroine)/PCP(Phencyclidine)/THC(Marijuana/cannabis)/TCA/OXY(Oxycodone)/ KET(Ketamine)/BUP(Buprenorphine)/ K2(spice), etc

Different parameters for different cut off value
Packaging: 25 tests/box
Width: 4.0mm or 5.0mm
Specimen: urine
Brand: INV
Place of origin: China
Certificate: CE, ISO 13485, FDA
OEM packaging is available

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