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  • Pregnancy Combo Test Card
  • Pregnancy Combo Test Card
  • Pregnancy Combo Test Card
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Pregnancy Combo Test Card
Here is the home of high-efficiency Rapid Hcg Pregnancy Test. Urine Diagnostic Test Kit featuring a whole variety of types and cheap price is available here. Sincerely looking forward to establish a f...
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Medical diagnostic test kits HCG Pregnancy Test urine serum combo card

One Step Cassette Style HCG Urine/serum combo Pregnancy Test is a highly sensitive test kit for the determination of HCG in urine or serum specimens. This test kit is easy to use to obtain a visual, qualitative result for early detection of pregnancy.

Accuracy: >99%
Sensitivity: 25mlU/Ml, 20mlU/Ml, 10mIU/ml
Packaging: 25 tests/box
individual packaging is available (one test in one individual pouch then one pouch or two in one individual box)
Width: 3.0mm or 4.0mm
Specimen: urine or serum
Brand: INV
Place of origin: China
Certificate: CE, ISO 13485
Raw materials is imported from US
OEM packaging is available
Read time: within 5 minutes

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