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  • Toxoplasma Test Cassette
  • Toxoplasma Test Cassette
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Toxoplasma Test Cassette
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Medical diagnostic test kits toxoplasma test kit


Rapid Diagnostic Kit for IgG or IgM Antibody to Toxoplasma(Colloidal Gold Chromatography) is one kind of protozoon, Parasitic within the cell.It is that one kind of person livestock is ill together. The baby of body easy to bring about mother infects arch form.

Based on the fundamentals of GICA(Gold Immunochromatography Assay), this reagent puts TOX recombined antigen and anti-human IgG monoclonal antibody in practice and uses specific sensitive lgG/IgM capturing to detect the TOX –IgG/IgM antibody of human’s serum.

Sensitivity: 96%
Unconventinality: 96%
Packaging: 25 tests/box,
Specimen: serum/plasma
Brand: INV
Place of origin: China
Certificate: ISO 13485
OEM packaging is available

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