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Phase carrier and coating process

2014-11-22 17:42:11

Phase carrier and coating process. The solid phase carrier solid carrier used as adsorbent and container in ELISA determination process, does not participate in chemical reactions. Can be used as a ELISA carrier in many materials, is the most commonly used polystyrene. Polystyrene with strong adsorption properties of protein, protein adsorption of the antibody or antigen is retained after the immunological activity of the original, with its low price, so it is widely used in. Polystyrene plastic, can be made into various forms. There are three main types of ELISA vector shapes: microtiter plate, beads and a small test tube. The microtiter plate is most commonly used, specific to the ELISA product called ELISA p late, ELISA plate with the same size and standard. Characteristics of ELISA plate is the detection can be done at the same time a large number of samples, and can be used in colorimeter quickly read the special. Now there have been many kinds of auto instrument used for detecting ELISA microtiter plate, including a sample, washing, heat preservation, color and other steps, the standardization of operation is very favorable. Polystyrene after irradiation, the adsorption performance especially increase the adsorption performance of immunoglobulin, applied to the double antibody sandwich method can make the solid phase antibody increased, but the indirect method of measurement for larger antibody space-time white. ELISA board good should be good adsorption properties, low blank value, the bottom of the hole with high transparency, between the plates, the same plate between the apertures, with a hole between the similar performance. PS ELISA board and manufacturing process due to different material differences, differences in the quality of products is very big, therefore, ELISA plates of each batch should be checked prior to their performance before use. The commonly used test methods: a certain concentration of IgG (10ng/ml) coated ELISA plate of each hole, each hole after washing with the appropriate dilution of the enzyme labeled anti human IgG antibody, insulation after washing, adding chromogenicsubstrate, enzyme reflect upon termination, absorbance were measured in each pore solution. Control reflect conditions, so that the hole in the absorbance readings about 0.8. The calculated average value of all readings. All individual readings and readings ofthe mean difference, should be less than 10%. Similar to polystyrene plastics are polyvinyl chloride. As the ELISA solid phase carrier, PVC characteristics for the soft board, can be cut, cheap, but finish as polystyrene board, the bottom of the hole than polystyrene.