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ELISA kit complete comprises the following components

2014-11-22 17:41:43

ELISA kit complete comprises the following components:

(1) Harling organisms have been coated solid-phase carrier antigen or antibody (Immune adsorbent);

(2) the enzyme labeled antigen or antibody (combination);

(3) the enzyme substrate;

(4) negative control and positive control (qualitative determination), reference standard and control sera (quantitative);

(5) dilution conjugates and specimen;

(6) in the plate washing liquid, ELISA, used as a diluent containing 0.05% Twain 20 phosphate buffered saline;

(7) the enzyme reaction termination liquid, HRP reaction termination liquid used for sulfuric acid concentration, the dosage and ratio according to the final volume with color liquid, in the plate is generally used in ELISA 3mol/L.