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Classification and Specific Application of Biochemical Test Strip

2014-11-22 17:41:11

As a person living in this modern society, you must have ever heard of biochemical testing or biochemical experiment. Indeed, biochemical test has been pretty common now. Thanks to the help of biochemical test, we are able to monitor and measure the contents of many biochemical substances in a pretty accurate and effective way. But, on peforming biochemical test, we have to depend on some types of biochemical test devices such as Pregnancy Test Strip or something like that. Biochemical test strip is just one of te most important biochemical test devices. Probaly you still do not know much about biochemical test strip right now. It does not matter. Here we shall mainly discuss about the classification and specific application of biochemical test strip from the following three aspects.
First and foremost, immediate attention should be given to the definition and development history of chemical test strip. As far as the definition of chemical test strip is concerned, we generally define it as a type of test strip which is designed particularly for performing biochemical tests. For instance, Ovulation Test Strip can be used to determine if there is ovulation during the specified period of time. Up to now, biochemical test strip has already had a development history of more than sixty years. Because of this, the production technology of biochemical test strip also has been pretty mature now.
Secondly, let's get to see the classification of biochemical test strip. These days, biochemical test strips come in a a large variety of types and models. Generally speaking, biochemical test strips can be classified into several different types according to that of specific application. For instance. There are PH test strip, One Step Pregnancy Test Strip, alcohol test strip and so on. Of course, we can also divide biochemical test strip into several different types based on the factor of major feature. While some types of biochemical test strips are disposable items, some types of biochemical test strips can be used repeatedly during their validity. However, it should be noted that nowadays more and more people recommend to use various types of biochemical test strips only one time for the purpose of sanitation.
Last not but least, we are supposed to shift our sights to the specific application of biochemical test strip. Despite the fact that all types of biochemical test strips are mainly used for performing biochemical test, these different types of biochemical test strips actually greatly differ from each other in terms of specific application. To be specific, Alcohol Saliva Test Strip is mainly used to monitor the contents of alcohol. Pregency Test Strip, on the other hand, is mainly used to determine whether a female is pregnant or not. As for Ovulation Test Strip, it is most commonly used to determine if there is ovulation. Of course, there are many other types of biochemical test strips which are beyond our discussion here.