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Biochemical reagent, a popular device in industry

2014-11-22 17:40:35

Popular all over the world, ovulation test strip can test the situation changes of the urine LH in women accurately, and through the direct coloration, it can enable the users confirm the day of egg emissions, thus determining the best pregnant date.

As is known to all, generally speaking the normal women of childbearing age will row an egg every month and only one of each time, besides, the ovulate time can last as long as 4 to 5 days. With the beat pregnant time being as the very day of ovulation, it is recommended that couples combine at that time, for too early or too late will make a lowing in the quality and quantity of sperm, and failed to reach the destination of eugenics. With the ovulation urine strip, it can be much easier to determine that accurate time to combine for couples, and therefore making lots of families possess a healthy and smart baby.

Another significant type of biochemical reagent is the alcohol test strip, a special testing tool for the police to test the amount of alcohol of the drunker and therefore effectively reduces the happening rate of major accidents. Besides, it can also be applied at other public places to test the alcohol content of human body, avoiding the casualties and personal injury.

By adopting the alternative blowpipes, the alcohol saliva test strip can effectively guarantee the health of the people by the test. With its excellent properties of free settings of drink information and drunk alarm value as well as simple operation and convenient utility, such device has a long enjoyed great reputation all over the world.

In theory, to judge whether there is a drunk driving, the most simple and feasible method is to in-situ test the alcohol content of drivers. And a large number of statistical results have shown that if the expiration can reach as long as three seconds at a moderate intensity after a deep breath, then the alcohol content tested equals to that of blood. Up to now, there has been many enterprises adopting alcohol saliva test strip as their main product, earning a high profits. With its huge advantages such as recording the test time automatically and printing the test result in site as well as setting the copies on the users own and auto power shut off, no doubt there will be a huge market for such device.