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Application, Classification of Various Test Strips and Their Functions

2014-11-22 17:39:57

In the world of test strip, various famous and infamous products are now crowding into the market

and serving people. It is really hard to distinguish regular test strips from the fake ones.

These fake ones appeared in front of customers because of the huge demand. But this really brings

infamy and scandal for those regular manufacturers which they don't deserve. Now have a clear

look at all kinds of test strips.
Depend on different applications and purposes, different kinds of test strips were invented and

used. Ovulation Test Strip, Alcohol Saliva Test Strip and Pregnancy Test Strip are the most

common used and most familiar ones to us. While Hbsag Test Strip and Thc Test Strip used in

specific field may be strange things to us. Whatever they are, they help us human beings a lot in

our everyday life. Next, specifications of different types of test strip are followed.
Speaking of Pregnancy Test Strip, almost everyone knows clearly it can accurately test change of

LH in urine of women. Through an intuitive color rendering, users can conveniently confirm the

date of egg emissions, thus further to determine the best fertile days. One Step Pregnancy Test

Strip use signal antibody technology, immunochromatography technique, and unique semi-

quantitative gold coloration technology. So confirmation of LH reducing time from the peak is

allowed, thus, the 24 hours best fertile time can be accurately calculated. Fertilize during the

period of time guarantees both sperm and eggs at fresh state, this can greatly reduce pregnancy

loss and increase pregnancy success rates. The most important thing is improvement of chances of

eugenics. New emission eggs are both fresh and full of nutrition, besides, they have complete

genome. After fertilization, fertilized eggs of genetic information can be a complete dynamic.

Therefore, Pregnancy Test Strip can truly grasp the fresh time of sperm and eggs to reduce fetal

malformation and abortion rates.
Another widely used type is Alcohol Test Strip. It has been widely used in Japan, although has a

simple manufacturing process, it can immediately test alcohol content. Use alcohol oxidase,

peroxidase and bilirubin as coloring matter to mix with potassium phosphate buffer, and then

impregnate paper and dried up. After doing this, it is manufactured. Its working principle is

under the effect of alcohol in alcohol oxidase, generation acetaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide.

Faded pigments can be reduced by hydrogen peroxide oxidation. According to faded degree, alcohol

content can be judged. Usually, Alcohol Test Strip changes from yellow to yellow-green. Based on

this, Alcohol Test Strip has been largely used in testing whether a driver is drinking or not and

this proved a big success. Apart from the fact it really performs, Alcohol Test Strip brings us

more convenient and safe living style.