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To know how healthy you are

2014-11-22 17:34:30

The health is the wealth. Regular medical examinations make you to be relieved. Through regular body check, you will better understand your own health conditions. Keep in mind that appropriate prevention is better than cure. There are several common medical tests that we have to pay attention to.
Since SARS ravaged all over the world, people concern more about infectious diseases. So, the test of communicable diseases emerged. A diagnostic test for an infectious agent can be used to demonstrate the presence or absence of infection, or to detect evidence of a previous infection. For some infections, previous tests can have a vital role in preventing the development of long-term complications or in interrupting transmission of the infectious agent. Recently, technological developments have led to the proliferation if new, rapid diagnostic tests that hold promise for the improved management and control of infectious diseases. If such tests can be widely used, it can highly control the infectious diseases which are dangerous to health.
When it comes to tumors, people will think about cancer and all embarrassed look out every face. Cancer is hard to cure completely and everybody knows. Everyone has the chance to have cancer and maybe when it comes, we know nothing about it. There is the tumor marker test which can help us to know when it comes. Tumor markers are chemicals made by tumor cells that can be detected in your body. But it is not a panacea to cancer because tumor markers are also produced by some cells in your body and levels may be significantly elevated in noncancerous conditions. This limits the potential for tumor marker tests to help in diagnosing cancer. The best way to use tumor markers in diagnosing cancer hasn't been determined. And the use of some tumor marker tests is controversial.
Drug abuse is a serious public health problem that affects almost every community and family in some way. Each tear drug abuse causes millions of serious illness or injuries among countries. The Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) was designed to provide a brief instrument for clinical screening and treatment evaluation research. The 28 self-report items tap various consequences that are combined in a total DAST score to yield a quantitative index of problems related to drug misuse. DAST scores have been significantly correlated with a number of drug use measures. As predicted, younger people tended to have more drug problems as measured by the DAST than older people.
Drunk driving has been a hotspot for a long time, which raises the problem of testing of alcohol content. Thus, Alcohol Saliva Screen Test developed. The concentration of alcohol in saliva is very close to that in the blood, for that reason it is more accurate than the other types of tests. It may also used to non-quantitatively detect the presence of alcohol in many other fluids, such as soft drinks, blood serum, water, etc. Alcohol Saliva test is very sensitive because it indicates alcohol levels from 0.02% to 0.3% and requires on instrumentation or training.
From the moment we are born, and even before, we undergo a variety of tests to ensure we are on the right track to good health. As we get older, many of us become more vulnerable to illness. In order to reduce this risk, a number of health checks or screening tests are recommended for different stages of our life.