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Cutting machines of various kinds witness great application now

2014-11-22 17:32:17

. Some cutting machines are used to cut stones, some are used to cut cloth and plastics, and some are used to cut fiber products. Different types of cutting machines have their own strengths and characteristics. Hydraulic Cutting Machine could be used to cut most metal pieces, such as iron, steel and so on. Numerical Control Cutting Machine witnesses great improvement on the overall function, however the speed of it is relatively slow, which hampers the working efficiency. Therefore, many experts in this field spend lots of time developing numerical control plasma cutting machine, which is quite superior in the cutting delicacy and speed.


Electric Cutting Machine is now quite popular among most plants. Even the graphic cards, network cards and CPU of computers are cut by the machine. Though it is not the most superior cutting machine, it produces most workpieces that are quite common in our daily life. Therefore, it is not exaggerating to say that products that are cut by Electric Cutting Machine have dominated our life.


Except for the cutting machines, there are other machines that are quite indispensable in our life,such as Curving Machine, Big Bending Machine, and so on. In fact, sometimes cutting machines and curving machines are used together to finish the reproduction of a workpiece. As the name tells us, Curving Machine is mainly used to curve some thin sheets.


Electromagnetic clamping is applied on Hydraulic Bending Machine, so that the plate can be made into a variety of workpieces. One prominent that is obviously different between cutting machines and curving machines is that operators cannot release the foot switch on the former machines, yet free release of the foot switch could easily be done in terms of curving machine.


If we visualize the curving machine, we could say that it is similar to Arch Bending Machine. The main function of the curving machine is to bend the workpieces placed on it. It is mainly composed of bracket, workbench and clamping plate. The base of it is mainly composed of shell, coil and plate and the crimping curving process is mainly achieved with the cooperation of those pieces.


It is quite important for operators to choose cutting machines and curving machines of various kinds according to the workpieces that are cut and curved. The cutting and curving delicacy and speed are crucial factors that would greatly affect the working efficiency, so that operators had better pay much attention to them.