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Early pregnancy test strip that designed as human is a products that detect whether pregnant of wome

2014-11-22 17:30:31

Test trip is a kind of paper, which is soaked by chemical drug, through its colour change we can test if some substance exist in liquid or gas. Biochemical test trip, which is a kind of test trip which is fixed on by biochemical reagents, can test biochemical substance in blood, urine, stool or other body fluid, such as serum, plasma and bilirubin and protein in the urine, glucose, hemoglobin, ketones, nitrite, urobilinogen, etc.

 . In the general case, there are two test results of early pregnancy test. People place urine drops on dipstick test holes. If there has a coloured tape(some test trips were red or some test trips were blue) in contrast area of test strips, that denotes negative and indicating not pregnant. On the contrary, if there has apparent coloured tape in contrast area of test trips, that denotes positive and indictes already pregnant.


Such testing is fast, convenient, sensitive, highly specific. One step pregnancy test strip can only be used as a screening examination, we must not overdo it, because with a early pregnancy test tirp test will be false positive or false negative.


General commendation newly pregnant women to use the first urine in the morning to test, the result is more accurate. From sexual intercouse to pregnancy will take seven days or so. There is a test trip called the preganacy test trip which function and usage similar with early pregnancy test strip


Ovulation test strip is used to qualitatively detect LH(luteinizing hormone) in human urine, aim to determine the time of ovulation and menstrual cycle of women in the “rhythm” and to choose the best time to conception or use of “safe period” for preventing pregnancy.


A mature female ovulates every month. After a mature eggs in ovaries, an egg travels from the ovary to the uterus through fallopian tube. The course of pregnancy is fomed by after an mature egg and sperm were combined in the fallopian. sperm can surie for 24 to 72 hours inside a woman's reproductive tract. While an egg suitable time of fertilization is 24 to 36 hours after ovulation, therefore 2 to 3 days and before ovulation after ovulation 1to 2 days is vulnerable to pregnancy, that ovulation days before and after five days and four days together is vulnerable to pregnancy. LH ovulation test strip can be reliably detected peak levels of LH, makes predict the best time to conception or birth control for women.