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Generally speaking, a complete Elisa Test Kit contains the following components

2014-11-22 17:29:26

Equitable access to health care; and greater equity in health outcomes is fundamental to a well-functioning economy. Equity in health means all aspects, of course, physical and mental health is included, and is the basis. We should provide regional health services to raise the utilization of the facilities. In the history of medical facilities, test kit has always been a must. Especially Medical Diagnostic Test Kit using in medical industry.


Do you know what Test Kit is? Well, it is a box used to hold chemical agent that testing chemical composition, drug residue, type of virus and others. There are many types of test kit with different prices in the market. Elisa Test Kit, Hapatities Test Kit and HIV Test Kit are all these kinds of products. A type of Elisa Test Kit called Troponin Test Kit is popular these years, not because it belongs to famous Elisa Test Kit, but because it really performs well. Next, I will bring you entering into world of Elisa Test Kit.


Speaking of this, we have to mention solid phase carrier of Haling biological coating antigen or antibody; a kind of immunoadsorbent. Now here come enzyme-labeled antigens or antibodies or their combination and enzyme substrates. Besides, negative control products, positive control products, reference standards and control sera are also included. Of course, conjugates and specimen diluents also can't be ignored. What really deserves mentioning is cleaning mixture. Among plate type Elisa, commonly used diluents contain 0.05percent of tween and 20percent of phosphate-buffered saline. The most important thing is enzyme reaction stopping liquid. Sulphuric acid is the most commonly used HRP reaction stopping liquid, whose consistency is decided by dosage and colorimetric liquid final volume. Plate type Elisa often is 3mol/L.


HIV, short for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is caused by infection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and resulting in immunologic deficiency. A series of opportunistic infections and tumors are accompanied. In severe cases, death syndrome occurs, too. Current times, HIV has become public health issues that seriously threat people all over the world. Fortunately, from 1983, when human first found HIV, until now, HIV has been transferred from deadly disease to controllable chronic disease. Without help of HIV Test Kit and HIV Aids Test Kit, the change is impossible. That's why HIV Test Kit Manufacturers are making every effort to improve product quality and help more people come back to health. We are confident HIV will be treated in the following years due to their contribution.