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Chinese Journal of Biochemical paper industry after years of development

2014-11-22 17:28:54

Definition of Biochemical Test Strips

Biochemical test strip is fix on the test paper, biochemical reagents used to test the blood, urine, feces and other biochemical substances in body fluids, such as serum, plasma and urine of protein, glucose, hemoglobin, nitrite, urine bile pigment, etc.


Classification of Biochemical Test Strips

Wide variety of biochemical test strips, for example, excellent pregnancy test strips, ovulation test, pregnancy test, saliva alcohol test strip and so on.


Excellent Pregnancy Test Strips

Excellent pregnancy test strip using monoclonal antibody technology, immune chromatography technology, especially unique gold standard semi-quantitative color technique, you can easily determine the LH begins to decrease from the peak time.


Pregnancy Test Strips

Pregnancy test strip is designed as a convenient one detect whether pregnant women products. Under normal circumstances, pregnancy test results in two ways: drops of urine dipstick test holes on, such as in a control zone in a paper with the test strips were colored red, and some test strips were blue, indicating negative stating that no pregnancy; Conversely, if the detection zone apparent ribbon, then positive, indicating already pregnant. This test is fast, convenient, sensitive, highly specific advantages.


LH Ovulation Test Strips

LH ovulation test strip is by measuring the peak level of luteinizing hormone (LH) is generated, to predict whether ovulation for qualitative detection in urine luteinizing hormone (LH), so as to determine the time of ovulation and "safe period" of women's menstrual cycle, to choose the best time to conception or use "safe period", the purpose of contraception is ovulating women in vitro testing.


FSH Test Strips

FSH test strip using colloidal gold immune chromatography technology with double antibody clip art principle, to the qualitative detection of FSH levels in the urine, can be used for the auxiliary diagnosis of female menopause. The test strip for the qualitative detection of female urinary FSH, This method has a high specificity, high sensitivity, good reproducibility, easy to use and display the results fast, easy to store and so on.


HBSA Test Strips

HBSA test strip is used to detect hepatitis B surface antigen is positive or negative. Hepatitis B surface antigen positive, which means that the body has been infected with the hepatitis B virus. In acute infection, the presence of hepatitis B surface antigen usually lasts 1-6 months, if after hepatitis B surface antigen negative indicates that acute hepatitis B have been cured, if it is still positive, it will become chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis B surface antigen if excessive, it become an acute hepatitis.


Alcohol Saliva Test Strips

Alcohol saliva test strip is based on the design of solid-liquid phase biochemical reactions, according to the color depth judgments detection reagent strips saliva alcohol content level. According to the study, saliva and blood alcohol content is basically the same, so the detected concentration of alcohol in saliva is the blood alcohol content. It is easy to use, fast and accurate, high sensitivity and specificity characteristics. Alcohol saliva test strips for road transport drivers or self-screening saliva alcohol content in order to ensure traffic safety, reduce or avoid traffic accidents caused by drunk driving.


China Biochemical Test Strips Prospects

 in education, scientific research, manufacturing, clinical and other aspects have formed a more independent system for the further development of the necessary supporting conditions. Especially the end of the century the human genome project has been basically completed, the application of the results of genome research to develop better study the biochemical test strips have a more subjective and objective conditions. I believe China will be more biochemical test strips to a higher level.