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Common Kinds of Biochemical Test Strips

2014-11-22 17:26:36

Biochemical test strip is a kind of test paper which depends on different kinds of biochemical reagents to test biochemical substances contained in bloods, urines, faeces and other body fluids, such as serums, plasmas and bilirubins which are contained in urines. The design of biochemical test strips has adopted the monoclonal antibody technique and particularly the gold immunochromatographic assay(GICA), which enables them to expediently confirm the time since LH begins to drop from the peak value. Common kinds of biochemical test strips include ovulation test strip, lh ovulation test strip, pregnancy test strip, alcohol test strip and so on. To better use biochemical test strips in biochemical detection, we need to carefully learn about the specific characteristics and uses of each kind of biochemical test strip.
Ovulation test strip is a kind of biochemical test strip that can accurately detect the condition change of luteinizing hormone consisting in women's urines. Thus, users can ascertain the best gestational day with the help of such an intuitionistic chromogenic reaction. Nowadays ovulation test strips are extensively used in our daily life, reducing abortion rate, pregnancy loss and raising the success rate of pregnancy. What is the most important point is that the application of ovulation test strips can greatly improve the eugenic rate.
Lh ovulation test strip, short for luteinizing hormone ovulation test strip, is a typical kind of ovulation test strip. Different from other kinds of pregnancy test strips, lh ovulation test strip detects the ovulatory condition by measuring the peak value of luteinizing hormone. Among all kinds of ovulation test strips, the lh ovulation test strip is mainly used for the purpose of contraception. Thus, lh ovulation test strip is now playing an important role in the vitro detection and the auxiliary diagnosis during women's ovulatory period.
As to the pregnancy test strip, it is a kind of biochemical test strip which is used by women to detect whether they are pregnant or not. And a most typical kind of pregnancy test strip is the one step pregnancy test strip. However when using pregnancy test strips, remember that they can only serve as a preliminary check for false positive or false negative may occurs.
Alcohol test strip, as the name suggests, is a kind of biochemical test strip which is mainly used to quickly detect the alcoholicity contained in human saliva, with no needs for other instruments and equipments. After years of development, nowadays the determination sensitivity of alcohol test strip can reach up to 10 mg/100 ml.
The varieties of biochemical test strips are too numerous to mention one by one and other biochemical test strips, s